Thursday, April 14, 2011

World of Color Food Merchandise & Picnic Meals

'World of Color' With Flair
You can find this whimsical goodies throughout Disney California Adventure park

'World of Color' Popcorn
Popcorn wagons at Disney California Adventure park get in the fun with flavored and colored popcorn in a souvenir bucket, with tastes of cherry, blueberry and plum

'World of Color' Cotton Candy
  Light-up cotton candy! White cotton candy with a ribbon of pink, blue or purple wraps around a light-up wand. Or just eat: the “World of Color” cupcake has raspberry filling and milk chocolate frosting with a “World of Color” chocolate image.

'World of Color' Light-Up Drinks
Spectrum Splash is Minute Maid Light Lemonade with a shot of flavored syrup in strawberry, blueberry or Granny Smith apple, served in a light-up “World of Color” plastic glass. Or with a kick: the Tropical Mist cocktail features Vodka X-fusion and coconut rum topped with sprite – and a light-up swizzle stick, available only at Ariel’s Grotto, Cove Bar and Wine Country Trattoria.

'World of Color' Light-Up Bracelets
If you prefer bling, a light-up bangle bracelet comes in red, blue and green. Or a “light”-er-than-air light-up glasshouse balloon.

'World of Color' Balloons

Take a look at the 'World of Color' Picnic Meals as well ºoº

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