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Exclusive POP! Vinyl [Comic-Con San Diego]

By Sarah Quon- Official Disney Store Blogger, Jul 22, 2011 11:00 AM

Have you heard the Buzz? It's Disney Store's first time at Comic-Con San Diego, and The Buzz couldn't be more excited to be on site to get the scoop on all the action. Comic-Con is like nothing we've ever seen before and we are excited to share the details with all of you!

On Wednesday, July 20th, Disney Store unveiled the Comic-Con exclusive Disney POP! Vinyls by Funko at Comic-Con Preview Night, and they started a frenzy around the Funko booth!

ComicCon2011 070
Here's what makes these POP! figures different from the figures you've seen at Disney Store: Mike Wazowski glows in the dark, Sully is flocked (so he's fuzzier than ever), Mickey Mouse had metallic paint details and Mr. Incredible is wearing his chic retro blue suit (as you already know, he typically wears red).

John Balen, director of toys at Disney Store and Ben Butcher, POP! designer at Pixar and Doug Ogelsby of Disney Store were there to unveil the POP! Vinyl exclusives.

ComicCon2011 024 
As soon as preview night opened, guests couldn't get enough of the Disney POP! Vinyls.
ComicCon2011 028 
ComicCon2011 063 

At Comic-Con Day 1, the Disney POP! didn't stop. Disney Store launched 2 more exclusive POP! Vinyls, nine-inch Buzz Lightyear and nine-inch Maleficent!

Which Comic-Con Disney POP! Vinyl figure is your favorite?

Ben Butcher signed POP! at Comic-Con San Diego.

If you aren't at Comic-Con, not to worry! You can still get Disney POP! Vinyls at a Disney Store near you or at



By Sarah Quon- Official Disney Store Blogger, Jul 23, 2011 2:30 PM

We just can't get enough of Comic-Con! Our Disney POP! Vinyls are definitely a Comic-Con favorite, with some styles selling out before 10am each day. As a treat for POP! fans, Ben Butcher from Pixar held two signings at the Funko booth this past Thursday and Friday.
An illustrator and toy designer for Pixar consumer products, Ben designed the Disney-Pixar POP! characters in conjunction with Disney Store. The Comic-Con exclusive figures he created include:

                                     Sully                                                         Mike Wazowski
ComicCon2011 073 ComicCon2011 072 ComicCon2011 071 ComicCon2011 Buzz
                                 Mr. Incredible                                                  Buzz Lightyear

On both Thursday and Friday, a long line of excited guests came to the Funko booth to get their favorite Disney-Pixar figures signed by Ben.

ComicCon2011 086
ComicCon2011 085

ComicCon2011 083 

All around, the signing was a success and Ben and the rest of the Disney Store team had a great time goofing around and chatting about Disney POP! with excited guests who shared their ideas and suggestions for future series. What Disney characters would YOU like to see in future POP! series?

If you follow @DisneyStore on Twitter, you might have seen some interesting tweets about POP! Buzz running into some familiar faces at Comic-Con yesterday:

A Comic-Con guest dressed as Princess Jasmine! Such an exciting surprise! Jasmine wasn't the only familiar face: THE PLATY-BUS!

ComicCon2011 095 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Creative Gifts for Grandparents Day from Disney Floral & Gifts

The Disney Dozen Disney Floral Experience Just Ducky My Wish For You
The Disney Dozen
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Disney Floral Experience
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US 69.00

A Magical Wish In The Fairy Garden Simply Magical Disney Family Treats Tote
A Magical Wish
US 110.00
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US 65.00
Simply Magical
US 68.00
Disney Family Treats Tote
US 70.00

Those Famous Yellow Shoes Mickey Takes the Cake From Minnie's Garden Memories with Mickey
Those Famous Yellow Shoes
US 47.00
Mickey Takes the Cake
US 98.00
From Minnie's Garden
US 56.00
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Honor Your Hero Red, White and Mickey Mickey Through The Years © Disney Cheer ©
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Red, White and Mickey
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Disney Store Launches Its Second Exclusive Fragrance Collection: Magic

"The power of fragrance is truly magical–it can evoke memories and convey dreams and aspirations. Disney's rich heritage and most beloved characters also have that same allure."
 Jim Fielding, President, Disney Store Worldwide

Disney's Magic Collection is finally here!  We see Magic happening everyday at Disney, but not very often do we get to SMELL Magic. A fragrant playground, Magic,  like  Imagination, comes from essence of nature, with a sweet and childlike twist!

 Magic smells like...
A breeze of fresh, cool, minty air (icy blue mint)
Icy blue mint

Green grass and clean woods

With a surprise touch of chocolate!

Magic is a part of Disney Store’s Fragrance Collection and is available today!  Fragrances are available as home fragrances, including candles and room scents available exclusively at Disney Store locations nationwide.   


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