Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Disney Store Launches Its Second Exclusive Fragrance Collection: Magic

"The power of fragrance is truly magical–it can evoke memories and convey dreams and aspirations. Disney's rich heritage and most beloved characters also have that same allure."
 Jim Fielding, President, Disney Store Worldwide

Disney's Magic Collection is finally here!  We see Magic happening everyday at Disney, but not very often do we get to SMELL Magic. A fragrant playground, Magic,  like  Imagination, comes from essence of nature, with a sweet and childlike twist!

 Magic smells like...
A breeze of fresh, cool, minty air (icy blue mint)
Icy blue mint

Green grass and clean woods

With a surprise touch of chocolate!

Magic is a part of Disney Store’s Fragrance Collection and is available today!  Fragrances are available as home fragrances, including candles and room scents available exclusively at Disney Store locations nationwide.   


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