Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Epcot Outpost - Village Traders & Refreshment Outpost

The Epcot Outpost is located between Germany and China in the World Showcase.

Technically, it is not a country but if it were, it would be Africa. This small area has a refreshment stand, a shop and even live entertainment for guests to enjoy.

Village Traders - The outdoor market features soapstone sculptures, wood cravings including canes, hats and African masks.  

Directions: From the entrance pass the large ball of Spaceship Earth and continue on to the World Showcase which surrounds the lagoon. Follow the path left (Mexico) around the lagoon till you pass China and go over the bridge. The shop/stand is on the left. 

R E F R E S H M E N T    O U T P O S T

The Refreshment Cool Post offers cold drinks, soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, chips and fruit.

OrisRisi- is a pair of African storytellers. This couple tells folktales that they heard as children in Nigeria. The storytelling includes the playing of the drums which most people find hypnotic. Children especially love the drums.

This duo is very entertaining, as they should be. He is a music researcher and a folklorist and she grew up hearing the stories that they share with park guests. The two of them together are very animated and very good storytellers. Be sure to check a times guide for specific performance times. 

Kids should stick around after the storytelling is over for a chance to play the drums.

Click Here to see the menu (and price) and click here to see family photos at this location!

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