Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Ever Midnight Release Party at D-Street for Star Wars Vinylmation Series

A Recap and Photographs from the Midnight Release Party in Florida:

"A big thank you to the MANY fans who braved the cold weather to join us for the first ever midnight release party at D-Street. Wow! We were so excited to see many of you at the event. At least there wasn't any snow or attacks from Imperial Stormtroopers. There were fans from all over the world who attended this party - England, Philadelphia, Arizona, Jacksonville, Clermont and many other places. Thank you for making this party such a huge success. And now, some photographs!"
- Disney Parks

The sign advertising the special release party and meet and greet with Mike Sullivan. 

The decorated outside of D-Street. 

D-Street Cast
The Cast Members of D-Street ready to greet Vinylmation fans! 

Special Lighting
Special lighted balloons were made to look like planets. 

Lots of Trays
Lots of trays. 

New Arrivals
The New Arrivals display at the entrance to D-Street. 

Giant Figures
There were three giant cutout figures using the artwork from the series. These were found at D-Street and by the deejay station. 

Opened Boxes
Guests were quick to open boxes. 

Old Ben
Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

Super Chaser
The "Super Chaser" which is definitely more rare than the normal mystery chaser. 

Outside D-Street
A photo of D-Street taken from across the street. The line of the far left is to meet Mike Sullivan.

Mike Sullivan
Mike autographing a figure for a guest. 

Mike with Boba Fett
Mike with his favorite figure, Boba Fett. 

Autographed Figures
Recently autographed figures by Mike Sullivan.

Mike with Boba Fett
The infamous "I Was There" Vinylmation where guests covered the 9" figure with tons of autographs.

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