Thursday, September 23, 2010

Central Plaza Miniature

The Central Plaza was the second miniature of the Robert Olszewski Main Street, U.S.A. collection to be released. 

The Central Plaza has become one of the most photographed locations in the Disney Parks.

The design of the plaza was quite remarkable. Disneyland was planned with a central point of orientation, a "hub". The plan was to have a center point to all the "lands" in the park.

The garden setting of colorful flowers and breathtaking views of Sleeping Beauty Castle, make it a wonderful place to take a break, or wait for loved ones. In the year 1993, a bronze statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse was added to the center of the Plaza. The statue was named "Partners" and sits among beautiful ever changing flowers.

The statue captures Walt and Mickey as they gaze down Main Street smiling at the kingdom they had created. Robert captured every detail of this truly special place. Just a glance and you notice the green park benches where you have taken a break or smelled the aroma of the popcorn vendor. He also included the smallest detail of the Disney Characters on their pedestals. The "magic" of this piece is when you turn the lights on and the twinkling of the trees come to life. The amber glow on Walt and Mickey could not be any more like the real thing.

# ''Z'' scale (1/220th) design recreates actual park locale
# Includes the famous ''Partners'' statue with Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse and the tiny surrounding sculptures of Donald Duck, Pinocchio, Pluto, Dumbo, Chip an' Dale, Goofy, Br'er Rabbit and Minnie Mouse
# Dramatic night lighting effect with statue spotlight and four lamp posts
# Press miniature trash can to find hidden lighting switch
# Hand-painted, sculpted resin with wood base and metallic title plaque
# 2 1/2'' H x 7'' Diameter
# Requires 3 AA batteries or 120V AC/4.5V DC Adaptor, included
# Certificate of Verification
# Imported
# Part of the Main Street U.S.A. Collection by Olszewski

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