Monday, May 14, 2012

Art of Animation Resort 1st Merchandise

Disney's Art of Animation Resort Merchandise Featuring Shirts
Disney's Art of Animation Resort Merchandise Featuring Souvenirs

Disney's Art of Animation Resort Merchandise Featuring Drink Hat

Disney's Art of Animation Resort Merchandise Featuring Decals and Tumbler

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  1. Alright, here is my experience with my first child’s Birthday party. I feel it’s only fair to blog about this website only due to the fact that some uneducated immature blogger did a post on a website I thought was completely inaccurate. So I feel it only fair I revive the websites reputation in this blog. I went to a few party supply stores to purchase Disney theme party items and almost fell over when I saw the prices. We decided to have a Birthday party for my three year old daughter. Disney Princess was my choice. Not knowing the price of Disney stuff now days. Well I wasn’t going to pay $4.99 for 6 party loot bags, $9.99 for one center piece or a whopping $7.99 for 6 invites….. NO WAY.. So I went home and looked up some creative ideas on making them myself. In the mist of my search I came across a website so I decided to take a peek. WOW I couldn’t believe my eyes. So I guess this website is wholesale but you don’t need to have a business. Anyone can buy from them. I looked a little further and found out that Disney sells them their over stock or out of date merchandise. So do other licensed companies. They carry licensed characters like Dora, Hello Kitty, Batman, Superman, Strawberry shortcake, SpongeBob, Hot wheels, Sesame street, Bratz, Barbie, Betty Boop and lots more. They even have clothing like L.E.I, Forever 21, charlotte russe, Papaya, Gap, Old navy, quick sliver, DC, Roxy and more.. The prices were so breathtaking my first thought was yah right!! There’s no way the prices can be this cheap. So I placed a order for 12 peach and black berry candles. (yes they have Candles to) the total was $14.13 with shipping and everything. I figured,, well if it is a bogus website I’m only out $14 bucks. So a week goes by and lo and behold 6 days after placing the order my mail man left a box at my door. I opened it up and there were my candles. Better then I though… I couldn’t belive I got 12 candles 18oz each.. I also got a free gift. I was floored. So I went ahead and ordered all my party supplies that night. Loot bags, Tables covers, Streamer, Disney Princess Plates and napkins, Small Disney toys for the goodie bags, Tiaras for the girls and crowns for the boys. I admit I went a little over board. So with everything my total was only $87.92 with shipping. I was the happiest shopper EVER.. I told my co workers and they looked at me like I was crazy.. They said what!! You didn’t know about so all in all WHY DIDN’T SOME ONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS SITE A LONG TIME AGO!!!!!!


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