Monday, January 31, 2011

Disney Merchandise for Living Happily Ever After

Bride and Groom Disney Ear Hats

Bride and Groom Disney Ear Hat Merchandise

“I chose the ear hats as I wanted a wedding message that was related to our Disney Parks,” said David. “I’ve seen many honeymoon couples at Disney who love wearing those hats, so it made sense to have an assortment featuring those icons.”

For the ear-hat art program, there are a variety of items including pins (the ultra portable item to inform others you are the happy couple); photo albums and wedding frames to capture memories from the special day; and my favorite item – coffee cups. Those cups sure make it easy to identify who gets what cup in the morning (especially when one is a little sleepy).

Mickey and Minnie Wedding Figurines

Disney Bride and Groom Vinylmation Figures

Q: On a recent visit to Tokyo Disney Resort, I noted a large amount of merchandise, from figurines to jigsaw puzzles, relating to the marriage of Mickey and Minnie. Is there an official back story behind this particular form merchandise that appears in Japan?
Keith, Sydney, Australia

A [Dave Smith]:
At least in the United States, Disney does not recognize that Mickey and Minnie are "married."

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